Childrens Chapel will be opening our doors on Sunday, September 10th!

Our programming runs from September to the end of June, Sunday mornings at 10:00 am, after worship.   

To register your children, CLICK HERE


Welcome to Children's Chapel, where we share the love of God and read the Gospel to children on the Lord’s Day!  We desire to help disciple children as they grow in relationship with God, who loves them and gives himself to them, drawing us together as one body. We enjoy the fruit of God's labour, which is a growing family of brothers and sisters who find joy together in joining God's mission of redeeming the world. So bring your friends! 

Outside of Sunday worship, we also offer resources to assist and support parents as they train up their children in the way they should go. 


Together we: 

-Learn who God is and what it means to be a Christian-

We learn about God's love for us and his purposes in all creation, his nature and sovereignty, and His great plan of redemption in His Son Jesus Christ, who is our perfect example for living and being truly human. 

-We depend on the Bible for life instruction- 

We learn to be a follower of Christ, to read, study and meditate on God’s words and to obey. Especially his first and greatest command: to love the Lord with all your heart and to love your neighbour as yourself. 

-We practice prayer the way that Christ taught us in the Bible-

The Lord's Prayer teaches us so much! We notice together how great God is, the good things He has done and how he is faithful! We depend on him everyday to sustain us! We also learn what it means to repent and receive God’s grace and forgiveness and learn to forgive others. 

-We learn to put our faith and hope in God, trusting in him with all our hearts-

We don’t worry about tomorrow, we are not anxious or fearful, but we seek God first and present our requests to him. He is always working all things together for the good of those who love him. 

-We learn that we are the church -

A whole family of believers, who come together to make one body united in all of time, in every place.  
God loves the church so much he died to save each person in it and decided to live in it! In you and me! 

-So we want to tell the world about God and his love-

His love is so good we want to give it away, and we love our brother and sisters so much we want to find more to join the family of God! We learn to be fishers of men!

Children's Chapel is an inclusive environment committed to supporting any kids with the desire for this relationship. Children with special needs are welcome and important part of our class as we support and grow together as a church family. ***Anyone interested in having a support buddy for their needs can inquire at the info desk or email



If you are interested in joining our team this year in using your gifts for the kid's growth and your own, please fill out THIS FORM or email

All our childrens and youth volunteers complete a criminal record check (including the vulnerable sector), child welfare intervention record check, and abuse prevention training through Praesidium. 


Pre-School Kids

Babies (ages 1&2): Welcome to the church body, little one!

Our “Babies” room is a fun space where we introduce symbols of scripture and church tradition rich in meaning in playful ways. 
We have story boxes filled with toy representations of these symbols, like wooden Eucharist Elements, holding crosses, the ten commandments on stone tablets and many more. 
These symbols are introduced for familiarity, and we trust that God will build a foundation that will continue to grow throughout their life, starting at this young age. 

***Parents of children under one are welcome to use our Parents Room at the back of the sanctuary or the nursing moms room, which has a live stream of the service.

Buddies (ages 3-5): God Loves you!

We learn all about who God is and his passionate, faithful love and care for us, his children. We have a play space with an advanced play structure in our "Buddies" area. We spend lots of energy connecting with God and each other through prayer, thanksgiving, worship, snacks, and Bible storytime. Our curriculum allows children to hear the Gospel and talk about it in a group setting. We hope that each child will experience God's love and acceptance of them while encouraging each other and making new friends!


Grade School Kids (Grade K-5)

Kindergarten-Grade 2: God is our shepherd, and we are his sheep! 

In our class time, we listen and watch as Bible stories are told with toy characters and notice how the stories tell us about God’s care for us and how he calls us to follow him. We get to choose if we want to follow the good shepherd or wander our own away. In our Starry Story room, we spend time contemplating our story while playing with sensory toys. As God's sheep we learn to hear God's voice. This helps us to learn how to intercede in prayer for ourselves and for others!

Grade 3-5: The coming and Life of Christ

Each week we learn through object lessons, journaling, crafts, and much more! We learn how the old Testiment pointed to the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ! We learn what the life of a Christ looked like, and what it means for our lives. That we have been saved, and he continues to save us daily, not because of what we’ve done, but because of God’s constant grace at work inside of us, and through the world. This gives us so much excitement and hope as we get to participate in Gods redeeming work each day.

*If you are new here; Please ask for Sarah Martel or Jessica Barbour to register your kids so we can care for them and provide them with any materials they may need. If you are sending your children on their own, this can also be done Monday-Thursday during office hours*


We look forward to walking alongside the kids and seeing them grow in their faith!