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Welcome to Via Church.

On behalf of our leadership family, I wholeheartedly want to welcome you into our Home.
For us, church isn't something we do on the side or because we have to.
Church is where we have found our treasure, in Jesus.
Church is where we have found our family, in the Father.
Church is where we have found who He has made each of us to be and what He is calling each of us to become, in the Spirit.
This place is the beginning of eternity for us, our mission to this city, and the inheritance that we will leave for our children. This Church is our life, our calling, and our home...
A church that we hope you will make your own.

Rev. Ryan S. Matchett

Join us Sunday mornings at 10am for our service.


At Via we believe in an ancient Christian faith that revolutionizes modern life. You will experience a beautiful mix of timeless traditions expressed in modern ways that will meet, impact, bless and transform you and your real life passions and challenges. We want you to make yourself at home, so here's what you can expect to experience:


CharasmaticCharismatic: The desire of God is to be present with His people, therefore you can expect that God is here and interested in you! You will feel Him (in your heart, mind and body) and experience Him throughout our worship and preaching. We invite you to sing with us, let someone pray for you, and raise your expectations for the miraculous.

EvangelicalEvangelical: God has perfectly revealed Himself in the Gospel of Jesus, recorded in the Scriptures and handed down to us by the Church Fathers. You can expect to hear teaching from the Scriptures that helps you understand who Jesus is and how what He has done changes and impacts real life situations.

HistoricHistoric: While we seek to express timeless truths in modern ways, we have discovered that in some areas, the ancient expression is beautiful and clear. You will see this in the value we place on the sacraments of baptism and communion. We have also adopted some of the ancient offices and symbols of church leadership (i.e. collars) which speak to the call to serve.

Family Dinner

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The Path

The Path

Wondering what your next steps are?

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