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Camp Coffe Shop has set up in the foyer after the 9am and 11am service. They will be selling Red Engine coffee as well as an assortment of teas to help raise money for the Via City & Wilderness camp sponsorship program! We have coffee cards available for a minimum of $20 (debit available) or just leave a minimum of $2 (or higher) donation at the stand.

We now are also selling Red Engine Coffee whole beans in 1 lb bags for $17 in a multiple of flavor choices listed below. Order through James Schalk on Sundays or by email

  • Papua New Guinea, Kunjin
  • Burundi, Kirayma
  • Colombia, Cauca - Argeliaregional
  • Guatemala, Waykan
  • Guatemala, Wayway Tango
  • Colombia (decaffeinated
  • Train Wreck Espresso Blend
  • Polar Espress Blend

Thanks for supporting and getting kids to our camps!