Through the Holy Spirit's leading, Via Lethbridge has discerned the call of God to plant Anglican Churches across southern Alberta. We aim to do this by following in the ways of St. Paul, who trained leaders to multiply missional communities who are committed to seeing people brought into union with Christ and His Church.


These Pauline missional Communities are built on three fundamental values.

  1. Evangelism - to bring the Good News of Jesus to all who are in need.
  2. Hospitality - to be invitational, welcoming, and caring for all we meet.
  3. Formation - to disciple & lead those who say yes to the way of Jesus.

How Does Via Plan to Accomplish This?

We look to accomplish this plan by raising up leaders, creating a strategy, building a team, setting a culture, evaluating, and adapting. 


We are excited to have our first MC already in it's formation stage. James and Jolyane Rea are longtime members of Via Lethbridge. James is a lifelong Lethbridgonian, and the two have served in ministry in a number of ways through the years. Their heart is to see a community of people come to know Jesus in southside Lethbridge, with the goal of planting an Anglican Church there one day.

For now, they are working to share the gospel with their community, and are pastorally walking with many towards a community focused Church in south Lethbridge.