During this time of pandemic, we're all facing big changes to the way we live and function, and the church is not exempt from these changes. Whilst we cannot open our doors and gather together (which is heartbreaking!) we do still get to function as the church in caring for one another and standing together in prayer. 

These are unprecedented times for all of us, and we may all find ourselves in situations we never imagined in the coming weeks.  Some of us will feel ready to offer help, others of us will need help. As a result, there may be times where we feel the need to seek God in specific ways. We've created a place for you to ask for prayer, either by submitting a request, or requesting a call from someone to pray with you. 

On this page you'll find information on how to offer help, receive help, or request prayer. 



Many of you have asked as how you can help. Thank you!

We have 2 main ways for you to help presently. 

1. DONATE! We are currently accepting donations of practical items enable us to help people in need during the weeks ahead. Donations can be brought to the church during our office hours (Mon - Thurs, 9am - 4pm). Drop off will be "no contact" - please drop items outside the south doors and call the number on the door to let us know items have arrived. Gift cards can be dropped in the white mailbox.  We ask that out of respect for everyone in our community you don't overbuy, but perhaps just add a few items to your weekly shop.

Items we are accepting are:

Non-perishable foood.

Toilet paper

Soap & toiletries

Diapers & wipes

Grocery gift cards


2. VOLUNTEER! In the coming weeks we may be in need of people to offer help to those in our community. This may include delivering hampers, cooking and delivering meals, or picking up and delivering groceries or medications for those in self-isolation. 

Sign up to offer help HERE.



These times really are unprecedented.  If you are in need of assistance, please do reach out and ask for help!  Whether it be a food hamper, a homecooked meal, diapers, or a pick up or delivery of essentials while in self-isolation, we'd love to help and serve you.

Request help HERE



This season brings with it many unique needs, both practically and spiritually. We would love to stand with you in prayer, whatever you're facing. Whether it be a job loss, sickness, distance from loved ones, anxiety, fear, disappointment, grief, or anything in between, our staff and teams would be honoured to stand alongside you in prayer. 

You can submit a prayer request online, and it will be shared with our clergy, staff, elders, and intercessors for daily prayer. 

Submit a prayer request

You can also request a call (either by phone or video calling) and someone from our team will be in contact to talk and pray with you "in person."

Request a prayer call