Here are the questions Bishop Trevor Walters gave us for reflection and prayer during his session on "Sovereignty in the Life of Joseph," Saturday afternoon at Canon: The Glorious Church.


1. What is your calling?

2. How are your present cirucmstances shaping your calling?

3. What are your family's disfunctional systems?


1. How does your family history mitigate against your calling?

2. How does your most difficult person, situation, health issue, position you for your destiny?

3. How do you see the Lord's favour with you?


1. What is shifting from bad to worse, in enabling your dream / destiny to be fulfilled?

2. What part of your dream / destiny is "in prison?"

3. What dreams / destiny have you let go of?

4. How have you remained faithful while in prison?


1. Who do you need to forgive in your family of origin?

2. How could you facilitate reconcillation in your family of origin?

3. How has God redeemed your suffering?

4. How might He use your suffering in the fulfillment of your destiny?