Amy Braun
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Today Alberta enters Phase 2 of reopening and we are VERY excited that this includes an increase to 1/3 capacity for services at places of worship.

Will we still be having 2 services? Yes, still 2 services at 9 & 11am during Phase 2. Live stream at 9am, drive by Eucharist 12.45 - 1.15pm. .

Do you still need to register? Yes, you do still need to register at this stage, BUT you should have no problem getting a seat at either the 9 or 11am service. If you're last minute, always forget, end up not getting a spot, or struggled to find room for your whole family.... hopefully those days are behind us! 

All other protocols remain in place.

We're excited to see you on Sunday! Thanks for journeying with us through all the changes.