Spiritual Formation is the life-long process of transformation in every dimension of human life towards the ultimate goal of human existence, union with Christ. This transformation process is sometimes known as discipleship in the Church world today, which means that everything we do for discipleship is part of Spiritual Formation.

As a Church, we do this in an ongoing way through patterned times of prayer, bible studies, engaging in the sacraments, setting aside times of silence, building community, spiritual retreats, and more. For more information about our Spiritual Formation plans, contact Fr. Robert Steele at rob.s@viachurch.ca.

We also pursue Spiritual Formation in an intensive way through Corpus Christi, which is a Spiritual Formation school that runs from September to April each year. For information about Corpus Christi please contact Fr. Robert Steele at rob.s@viachurch.ca or visit our website here.