Jr & Sr Youth

Jr Youth

Our Sunday morning program lets the Junior Youth experience the fun and adventure that is found in joining in with Church life and community. Twice a month we have worship services just for the Junior Youth, with worship, group games, and teaching geared specifically for their growth as Sons and Daughters in God’s Kingdom. The other two weeks the youth are sent to their area of choice to learn skills, gifts, abilities, and hearts of service. One of these weeks they will have the opportunity to help in our children’s programs, and the other week they will be learning to serve the church with practical gifts like construction, worship, cooking, creative arts, etc. in small groups. If you’re new to our church, ask to see Pastor Jordan at the Info Desk in the foyer and he will happily help your youth join whatever is going on that Sunday!  

Sr Youth

Our Senior Youth meet from 7pm until (somewhere around) 9pm on Sunday nights for any number of fun activities. Once a month there is a worship service lead by our Youth Worship Band that Pastor Jordan will speak at. The other youth nights will usually involve playing some group game throughout the church or in the gym. Often the activity is something dreamed up by a youth (or youth leader) and every time it turns into something wilder than anyone could have dreamed! We have a team of Youth Leaders who love to just build relationships with the youth and go out of their way to make the night AFAP (as fun as possible). Every night one of the youth leaders will share something that God has been teaching them and every night (GUARANTEED!) there is some sort of snack food (sorry moms, it’s usually not kale chips).  

We also have a Youth Community Group that meets twice a month in a home (Tuesdays at 7pm) to dive deeper into scripture, prayer, and community building. Come on out if you are looking for more discipleship, to learn more about your faith, or study the Bible in a deeper way! Please phone the office for the location of our next Youth Community Group meeting.

If you would like to join Jr or Sr Youth please contact Jordan.