Community Groups

Community is a place of belonging, a place to share our journey and do life together. Here at Via Church we have two specific expressions of community.

Sunday Dinners

We are called to rest in The Lord, not apart from him. Our heart with Sunday dinners is that together we are able to rest in him through community and belonging. We need to laugh together, play together, sit and talk together, while kids run around in the sun. We want you to be able to come and feel welcome without the pressure of having deep conversations. Several groups meet on Sunday evenings to hang out and have supper, with the specific emphasis on just being with each other, belonging to a family and having fun. These Sunday dinners have no particular agenda, but are meant to be a consistent form of community.

Community Groups

A different look at how we create relationships with the church body is by community groups. These happen during the week and occur on different days depending on the group. They are taking place in homes all over the city and allow us to create more of a family atmosphere. Taking intentional time to create deeper friendships as we continue on our journeys, these spaces allow us to share our journey's with each other, pray for one another, and enjoy time spent in a low key setting at someone's home. The connections made in community groups enable us to feel belonging in our church body.

If you would like to get connected please contact the office or email Dave Stroeve.