If you are interested in joining our team this year in using your gifts for the kid's growth and your own, please fill out THIS FORM or email jessica.b@viachurch.ca.

There are many places to serve in our Kids' Ministry area. Below you'll find descriptions of our team roles:

BABY BUDDIES - you will be asked to care for children 1-2 years old, participating in song/prayer time, distributing snacks, and one person from the team will read a Bible story, showing that God loves them through your words and actions, then reminding them to love each other as God does! You may be required to snuggle, so be prepared for your heart to melt. 

PRESCHOOL BUDDIESCan you ... play??? This one is no small task; we ask that you be prepared to get down and possibly dirty! And then get up... and by that, I mean do you climb? 

This is a job for those who have just as much energy as our kids but could also help take things down a notch to participate in organized activities. We have many high-energy kiddos who need to see both playtime and quiet time modelled by someone who can enjoy the chaos and encourage kids to notice God in a short quiet time. We know there are just such people in our body who see kids the way God does and join them in their kind of fun. 

GRADE SCHOOL BUDDIES - This is a more specific role, which includes the opportunity of family training to help you walk alongside a friend with special needs during the Sunday school program so they can participate with everyone and be cared for in specific ways. This is an opportunity for relationship as well as participation in the Sunday school program. Each child is unique and requires special care, and as a family, we can come to know just what they need and how to comfort them best, just as a family would.

 *Please email jessica.b@viachurch.ca to inquire about family training with Gail Clark! 

SNACK / EVENTS -  this team is a hosting role. Snacks will be provided at the church, where you will distribute them to each class each Sunday in any way you would enjoy doing that. I imagine you will gain many new little friends being the bearer of tasty snacks!  

As a team, you will also gather for a decorating day for these holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. This is a surprise I can’t wait for the kids to see! 

 CRAFTS / CREATIVITY - you will be asked to help prepare a craft for each holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mothering Day and Fathering Day) as a team and instruct/ help the kids create this craft on the scheduled ‘craft Sunday.’ You will need to create a supply list for the director to purchase at least a week in advance. We hope as our kids experience God's creativity through you that they will be inspired and see how God speaks to them creatively! 

TEACHING - You will carry the responsibility and great honour of bringing the good news to our kids! We have a spectacular curriculum provided a week in advance for you to pray and hear from the Lord about. Our preschool curriculum includes a Bible storytime, a short lesson and questions for the kids. 

SMALL GROUP SHEPHERD - You will help the children hear, know and trust their shepherd's voice. You will be given the scripture to reference a week in advance to think and pray about. At the end of teaching time, you will lead your small group of 5-7  kids to a small group classroom. Here you get the opportunity to share anything God has been speaking to you about the lesson and scripture. Then you will help the children discern what they hear, referring to the lesson as you discuss the kid’s thoughts, feelings and observations, all while enjoying a snack together! I’m excited about the bonding we will see during this time, both with our Father and with each other!

 GAMES and FUN -  You would be joining us in creating and implementing fun activities and games on special days like the 5th Sunday of the month with this additional Sunday or family activity days like our family movie night

WORSHIP - We ask that you pray for this department as it is in development! 


This role includes service leading, inviting kids into the room and worship, introducing the guest speaker or playing our missions video for the day. 

At this time, we would love to have those who can encourage kids through participation in praise and worship by engaging with the actions provided through worship videos that you would play on the projector.

We feel the Lord has what we need within our church body to progress to live worship, and we ask that your participation begin here as we hope and trust in God’s direction!